9 Simple Tips on How to Grow Back Edges

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Are your edges suffering? If so, you are not alone. Way too many of us are missing some or all of our edges. Luckily, it’s an issue that can be remedied by making some simple changes. This post will cover how to grow back edges without having to buy some extremely expensive miracle serum or oil. You can begin growing your edges back right now. Keep reading!

Don’t Wear Tight Styles

This is a BIG one!

Why Tight Styles Are Destroying Your Edges

Traction alopecia, caused by constant tugging on hair, is one of the main causes of hair loss, especially around your edges.

Those Box Braids, sew-ins, sleek buns and other styles look BOMB. But, when these are done too tight, they pull your poor edges clean out of your head, straight from the root! Sometimes your entire hair follicle comes out and you are left with those little bumps around your hairline. This makes it even harder to grow hair back.

Signs That Your Hair Style is Too Tight

  • If you have to take a pain reliever after getting your hair done, it’s too tight.
  • If you are wincing in pain the entire time you are getting your hair done, it’s too tight.
  • If you can’t frown without pain after your hair is done, it’s too tight.
  • If you can’t lay your head down on a pillow after getting your hair done because of the pain, it’s too tight.

If you are wearing tight styles, stop immediately and wear hairstyles that are easy on your hairline.

Keep Your Edges Moisturized and Sealedolive oil greek

Hair that is chronically dry is often weak and eventually breaks off.
If your edges seem dry, wet them with water, apply your favorite moisturizer, and then apply an oil.

The water and moisturizer will nourish your edges and scalp and the oil will seal in the goodness. Do this as often as you feel like your edges are dry. This ensures that your existing hair remains in a healthy state.

Be Gentle

Make sure that you are gentle with your hair, especially any fragile areas. When you scrub your scalp during wash day, use the soft pads of your fingers instead of your fingernails.

When detangling your hair, take your time. You do not want anything ripping through your hair repeatedly.

I find that my hair is easiest to detangle when it is wet and has conditioner in it. That way, the slip from the conditioner makes it easier to get the comb (or my fingers) through my hair. It makes detangling go by much faster as well. WINNING!

You could also try finger detangling- you just can’t feel how hard your hair is being pulled when you are using a tool to detangle. I have been finger detangling for years and I’ve found that I can be most gentle with my hair this way.

Night Protection

At night, when we toss and turn on our pillows, we can cause damage to our edges if we are not deliberately trying to protect them.

The solution? A simple satin or satin-feel bonnet or scarf will protect your edges (and the rest of your hair) during the night. Make sure that you place the bonnet in front of your hairline, instead of directly on top of it, so it does not rub against your hairline. The idea is to reduce friction between your hair and abrasive materials or objects.

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Stimulate Those Follicles

Stimulate your hair follicles with a 5 to 10-minute scalp massage, focusing on where you would like to see hair growth. If you want, you can massage a stimulating oil of your choice into your scalp for added measure. A great one is peppermint oil.

You can repeat this treatment daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference.

Take Care of Your Body

Ensure that you are eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water to sustain yourself. If you are malnourished or deficient in vitamins or minerals, this could cause hair loss. This is because when you have a deficit in your body, your body will focus on offsetting that deficit rather than creating new hair.

Stress has also been known to cause hair to fall out – sometimes in clumps. If you keep your stress levels more regulated, you could see a positive difference in the state of your hair.

Avoid Overmanipulation

Try not to overmanipulate. If you don’t have to touch your hair for a pressing reason (washing, styling, massaging, etc), then you should refrain from manipulating your hair. Constantly stretching your hair to check if it’s growing, trying to smooth it down, or twirling it around your fingers while you talk can all cause structural damage to your hair.

Wait Patiently

Try some or all of the things that I have gone over in this post. Know that it will take some time for your edges to rebound and for you to notice a difference. You likely did not lose your edges overnight, and you won’t regrow them overnight either. It could take weeks or over a month to begin to see a difference in your hair.

But when you finally do start to see a difference in your edges, you will feel the satisfaction of having done it on your own, without spending a ton of money!

See a Professional

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If you try growing your edges back for several months and your edges are still not growing in, you should see a professional for further advice. A dermatologist would be able to examine your scalp and identify any issues that you might have there. An internal medicine specialist would be able to identify any medical conditions you might be dealing with. A cosmetologist could also have a look at your hair and scalp and make recommendations.

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