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coconut oil for hair

Top 5 Benefits of Coconut Oil For The Hair

Coconut oil is a staple in the natural hair community, whether it’s used alone in its virgin state or included as one of the ingredients in a hair product. The oil comes from the coconut, of course, and it is hailed for its numerous benefits to our hair. Considering that you have found this post, …
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honey for natural hair

5 Fabulous Benefits of Honey For Natural Hair

It’s important every so often to get back to the basics, and many of us natural haired folks are doing just that. Using good ole’ honey as a part of your natural hair routine has many benefits that you wouldn’t know about without digging to find information. Well, I have done the research! In this…
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henna powder natural hair

5 Benefits of Henna for Natural Hair – and a Couple of Drawbacks

Henna is a powder made from the foliage of the Henna tree, called Lawsonia inermis. It is often combined with essential oils, apple cider vinegar, black tea, water, coconut oil, and more to make a paste to apply to the hair. Henna is also used for temporary tattoos, it’s useful for its antibacterial properties and…
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rice uncooked

Rice Water and Hair Growth – Real Benefits vs. The Hype

I am a YouTube addict, and a little while back, I came across a number of YouTube videos claiming that rice water is a hair growth miracle. They claim that rice water treatments will accelerate hair growth by a huge rate (some sources say that your hair can grow several inches in 30 days). I…
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