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How to Separate Your Starter Locs | A Loc Maintenance Tutorial

In this loc maintenance tutorial, I’ll be taking about how to separate roots of locs (AKA Pop your locs). I’ll go over why loc popping is necessary and how I go about popping my locs. -I inserted a video clip showing me popping and separating my locs all over my head. Hope you enjoy! -Andrea…
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9 Easy Ways to Style Your Starter Locs | Starter Loc Styles for Beginners

Ladies, locs do NOT have to be restrictive. In this video, I will show you 9 starter loc styles for beginners. Some of the styles featured in this video include side flat twists, half-up half-down styles, and more! I also threw in some funny commentary 🙂 So, get your coffee, tea, or other dranky-drank and…
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Wash Day EPIC FAIL + 2 Week Starter Loc Update + How I Retwist

Hi Guys! This short loc talk video will be all about my first MAJOR LOC WASH DAY FAIL plus a 2 week DIY starter loc update with pictures of the damage and video footage of my retwist session. It’s funny (to me at least!) and I’ve got a tiny surprise guest at the end 🙂…
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At Home Dreadlock Care: 2 Point Rotation Interlocking After Palm Rolling

If you’re curious about at home dreadlock care via interlocking (using the 2 Point Rotation), this one’s for you! I’ve finally found a solution to my marrying roots! *Fingers crossed* In this video, I’ll explain to you/ rant about some of the issues I’ve had with my locs, why I decided to interlock some of…
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Easy Starter Loc Maintenance Routine for Fine, Soft Natural Hair (With Pictures and a Video)

Loc maintenance doesn’t have to be time consuming, nor does it have to be difficult. It can actually be easy! Keep reading to find out what I’m currently doing to maintain my starter locs. BUT FIRST! There are a few things that you should know about my locs. They are about 1 week old I…
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starter locs 3C 4A Hair

3C/4A Starter Locs – My Loc Journey at Day 1 – With Pictures and a Video

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, and home-related responsibilities mounting, I came to a realization. I had NO TIME to devote to my loose natural hair, and it was suffering due to my lack of attention. So, I finally did it – I bit the bullet and started my loc journey for the third…
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