Debunked: Four 4C Hair Myths You Might Believe

4c natural hair myths

The natural hair movement has been in full swing for several years. Naturals all over the world have been networking and sharing their natural hair struggles and victories over every internet medium. Yet, there is still false information going around about 4c hair. Here’s an attempt to shed some light and debunk some of the most common 4c hair myths.

Some General Information About the 4C Curl Pattern

In general, 4C hair is extremely curly and has a high shrinkage level. Some people’s 4C hair is coarse while other’s 4C hair is fine. Some 4C hair is easily defined while other 4C hair has little to no definition. In addition, many with this hair type have to work HARD to keep their hair moisturized.

Okay, on to the myths!

Myth 1: 4C Hair Doesn’t Grow Long

All. Hair. Grows.

Yup, it surely does, and 4C hair is not excluded.

It may appear that 4C hair does not grow, and this is because of the fact that 4C hair shrinks so much. Someone with 4C hair could have up to 90% shrinkage, making 12 inches of hair look like just 1-2 inches of hair.

But just because 4C hair LOOKS like it’s not growing doesn’t mean that it isn’t. It just takes a considerable amount of length for 4C hair to appear longer.

To confirm what I’m saying here, you can google “4C hair shrinkage” and you will see countless people showing their shrunken hair on one side of their head and their hair stretched out or straightened on the other side. The hair’s true length is easier seen this way.

Myth 2: 4C Hair Can’t Be Worn in a Wash n’ Go

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I have heard this myth so many times – “4C hair doesn’t wash n’ go”. False.

I’m not quite sure where this myth started or why this thought has spread to the extent that it has, but every hair type can be worn in a wash n’ go.

Wash n’ gos simply enhance your natural curl pattern. 4C haired girls and guys can definitely enhance their curls with a wash n’ go. Even in cases where someone with 4C hair doesn’t have much of an actual curl pattern, whatever it is that they are working with (coils, zigzags, kinks, all of the above) will be more defined with a wash n’go.

The real question that should be asked here is “should people with 4C hair wash n’go?

It could be problematic for 4C naturals to wear wash n’ gos because 4C hair is so curly that it easily tangles. Wearing the wash n’ go style encourages this tangling, causing potential (1) detangling difficulty and (2) single-strand- knots (SSKs). However, if someone wants to take on this risk of tangling and SSKs or has figured out how to minimize these two potential issues, they should wear wash n’ gos to their heart’s content.

Myth 3: 4C Hair is the Strongest Natural Hair Type

4C hair is not the strongest of the hair types. In fact, 4C hair is usually more fragile than other hair types, and this is due to the fact that 4C hair is often dry, and dry hair snowballs into hair weakness, damage, and breakage.

Furthermore, the strength of your hair is dependent on so many factors other than your hair type/curl pattern. For instance, finer hair is generally easier to break than coarser hair. Hydrated hair is more elastic and can stretch further without breaking than dry hair with little elasticity. So fine, hydrated hair (no matter the curl pattern) may be stronger than coarse, dry hair. As you can see, many other factors come into play.

Myth 4: 4C Hair isn’t a Good Hair Type

It is a shame that this myth exists.

Though this is completely untrue, I do understand why people may think that 4C hair is not a good hair type to have.

There are countless videos, personal blogs, and other sources of information out there that chronicle how 4C hair sucks. Well, we here at Naturally Textured believe that there are pros and cons to every hair type and that all hair types are beautiful.

While 4C hair does often require more specialized care than other hair types, this does not mean that 4C hair isn’t a good hair type.

Here are just a few advantages to having 4C hair:

  1. Beauty- Just look at it!
  2. Versatility- can be worn in just about any style (from bone straight to luscious afro).
  3. Ability to be molded into just about any shape desired, enabling you to create some unique styles.
  4. Protective styles, like twists and braids, often hold well and last longer.


Hopefully, this article debunked some of those horrendous myths for you.

Knowing more about each other, even about our hair, can bring us closer together. So, spread this information and help to Pexels photo question markdestroy these myths about 4C hair.

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Thanks for reading!

Happy Journey 🙂

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