I Hate My Natural Hair – Excuses You Should Abandon NOW!

In an effort to help the struggling naturalista, I thought I’d (1) highlight some of the excuses that keep us from loving our hair and (2) let you know how to overcome each excuse. Let’s get into it.

1. My hair is difficult to manage.

Managing your hair, especially when first starting out, can be difficult.

However, if you are diligent in the pursuit of knowledge, that can change.

Do the following to help with your hair’s manageability:

  1. Spend some time researching solutions to your problems (hair dryness, tangles, etc.)
  2. Ask professionals and/or natural hair veterans and gurus what works for them.
  3. Try out the recommendations that you uncover after completing steps 1 and 2.

If you try this, you’ll get better and better at managing your hair.

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2. My hair is ugly.

This one bothers me deeply, because I firmly believe that all healthy hair is beautiful…and I’m not saying this to be politically correct. I’m saying this because it’s true.

Naturally textured hair in general is rich in personality. Every head of hair is unique to the individual- each curl, twist, turn, kink, and knot makes up your unique crown. Embrace that!

In order to be successful in your natural hair journey, you’ll have to abandon society’s perception of beauty, and embrace your own.

What if you don’t like your hair?

If you don’t like your hair, you’ve got some work to do. Get to researching and talking to experts, a hairstylist, and watch some natural hair tutorials. Over time, you’ll come across some pointers and learn information that you can use to create styles you’ll love. Immerse yourself in the natural hair community- maybe seeing others love and care for their own curls will help you see the value in yours.

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3. My hair is expensive.

Taking care of natural hair does not have to be expensive. In fact, it’s only as expensive as you make it.

If you’re a product junkie, you’ll buy just about every new natural hair product you hear about. No shade! I love trying new products too, okay! But in the case of a product junkie, natural hair care and experimentation would certainly be expensive.

Also, when you first go natural, you may spend a pretty penny on products, being that you’re not entirely sure what works for your hair. In addition, the more you fight against your own hair texture, the more tools and products you’ll need.

However, once you get out of the trial and error phase and you know, for the most part, what works for your hair, you’ll get into a routine and use a specific few products. At that point, natural hair care doesn’t have to be expensive.

Note: Many affordable products outperform expensive ones. So, don’t be fooled into buying more expensive brands because of the perception of higher quality.

After years of trial and error, I have settled into a low maintenance routine and I spend less than $200 on my natural hair per year!

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4. My hair isn’t professional.

Modern society has cultivated a “professional aesthetic” that favors sleek, straight hair, with low volume vs. textured hair with curls and personality. And that’s nice…for them.

Your natural hair does not have to conform to what’s considered the norm in your workplace. Wear your hair how you want to wear your hair! It’s YOUR hair, and it’s YOUR business how you choose to wear it. It’s your right!

But if you are someone who doesn’t want to ruffle feathers, that’s no problem. Natural hair is versatile. You can wear it in a low bun or 2 flat twists going down the sides of your head. You can also wear it in a protective style like box braids and put them in a low ponytail.

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Hope this helps!



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