Is a High Puff a Protective Style?

The answer to this question is double-sided. On one hand, a high puff is definitely a protective style, but under certain circumstances, this protective style could turn into a problem style. Let’s dive into this topic and find out more about this style and it’s status as a protective style.

But first, what’s a high puff? Well, it’s exactly what you think it is. You simply pull your hair up into a high ponytail and leave your hair in its naturally puffy state.

How High Puffs Are Protective

High puffs are generally thought of as protective styles and I’ll tell you why.

When your hair is in a high puff, your fragile ends are protected from brushing against your clothes or other surfaces throughout the day. So, having your ends up and out of the way is, in essence, protective.

Also, the high puff is protective in that you can leave your hair in this style for several days, which calls for less manipulation. And when your hair is manipulated less, it is being protected from damage in the form of split ends and breakage.

How High Puffs Can Be Damaging

Now let’s get to the potentially damaging effects of high puffs.

Your Poor Edges

High puffs have the potential to tear out the hair around your hairline (AKA your edges), under certain circumstances. Whenever your hair is pulled back for an extended amount of time, you have the potential to develop traction alopecia (losing your edges over time).

We increase the risk of hair loss ourselves. Often, when we wear high puffs, we have to lay our edges, or we touch up our puff everyday to keep it looking sleek. While these actions may seem necessary at the time, we should only rarely do these things if we want our high puffs to truly be protective.

The Tangles

Naturally textured hair styled in an unstretched state tends to tangle and get matted really easily. A high puff creates the perfect environment for matting and tangling.

What often happens is that, after wearing your hair in that high puff for a week, you take that scrunchie out and you’re left with a mound of stubborn tangles. More tangles often means more manipulation and damage when trying to get the tangles out.

How To Wear Your High Puffs

You can wear your high puff as a protective style and bypass the negatives if you are mindful of them and willing to put in a little bit of work.

Do the following two things to stave off damage when wearing high puffs.

Don’t wear your high puff for longer than a few days.

This will help to ensure that you don’t get stubborn tangles and single-strand knots. Also, if you do find that your hair is tangled, don’t pull the comb out and rip through your dry hair. Instead, wet your hair and apply a conditioner with lots of slip to help you gently get through those tangles.

Be careful with your edges.

When you first style your high puff, it’s okay to lay those edges. But after that, try not to touch up your edges everyday. Instead, wear a silk scarf overnight to keep your edges in place. If your edges need a little help in the morning, thoroughly drench them in water before pulling out your tools to lay them again.

So, yes, the high puff hair style is protective, but it’s only as protective as you make it.

I hope your enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, leave them below.

Happy Journey!

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