Make Your Wash N’ Go Last A Week

Start Your Wash n’ Go Off Right

If you want your wash n’ go to last for an entire week, make sure that you are giving it a good start.

Start Fresh

You’ll want to start your wash n’ go on freshly washed and conditioned hair. This way, there’ll be no buildup on your hair to weigh your wash n’ go down or alter how your products work. If deep conditioning is not part of your routine, start now to get the benefits.

Give It Moisture that Lasts

Moisture is SO important because a dry wash n’ go is not a good look.

Try the LOC method, where you apply a liquid to your hair, followed by an oil and a cream. This method locks in lasting moisture, and many naturals (including myself) swear by it.

Even if you don’t want to try a specific moisture-retaining method, experiment with your hair to find out which products help your hair to hold onto moisture. You can also read my article on retaining moisture for help.

Choose A Styling Product with Hold

When trying to make your wash n’ go last, you need to apply a product that gives your hair some degree of hold.

Personally, I prefer a light hold cream for my wash n’ go. I have very fine hair that’s easily weighed down, so a light hold works for me.

For my newbies, try a medium hold gel or cream and see how your hair likes it. If your wash n’ go loses definition quickly, try a max hold gel or cream. If you find that your hair is too defined, go lighter.

Pro Tip: Make sure that all of your products are applied evenly for best results.

Take Steps to Preserve Your Wash n’ Go

Keep your hands out of your hair.

I know, your fresh wash n’ go is begging to be touched. But after you’re done with the initial styling of your wash n’ go, try not to touch it too much. The more you manipulate your completed wash n’ go, the more frizz you create and the quicker you’ll need to redo it.

Protect your hair at night.

There are several ways to protect your wash n’ go at night.

Bonnet – For Shorter Hair

Wearing a bonnet over your wash n’ go is a great option to help it last. The bonnet acts as a barrier between your hairstyle and cotton pillowcases and covers that could rub up against your hair while you sleep.

To preserve a stretched wash n’ go, braid your wash n’ go in several sections and then put your bonnet on for the night.

Scarf – For Longer Curls

To preserve your long wash n’ go, put it in a high ponytail (also called a pineapple) and wrap a satin scarf around your head.

Doing either of these things will lengthen your wash n’ go by several days.

Refresh your hair.

On the days that you wake up and your hair isn’t looking right, try one of the two options below.

Wet + Reapply

Wet your hair with water or your favorite leave-in. Reapply your wash n’ go products as needed.


Let your hair out in the shower so the steam can get to it. This will give your hair an extra dose of moisture and remove any dents (from sleeping on your hair).

*You won’t need to do much refreshing if you apply your wash n’ go products evenly and in the right amount.

Take these steps to help your wash n’ go last for a week.

Happy Journey!


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