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How to Create a Hair Regimen for Natural Hair – No Stress

Creating a solid hair regimen, especially starting out, is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that your curls are happy and healthy. This is because natural hair needs targeted care on a regular basis to thrive. Washing, conditioning, deep conditioning, and more should be considered when planning your hair regimen.…
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flat iron heat damage

Causes of Heat Damaged Hair – And How To Fix It, Of Course!

Whether you have experienced heat damage or are interested in learning how to fix or prevent it, I’m glad to let you know that you are in the right place! Considering the many options that we have for heat styling, along with the fact that most of us are doing our own hair, we are…
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curly hair

How To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized – It’s Possible, I Promise!

Being that you are reading this post, you may be experiencing dry hair. This is a common problem for people with textured hair and I’ll tell you why. Textured hair requires much more love than straight hair. Since the shaft of textured hair is not straight, natural oils are unable to travel down the hair…
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protective styles for natural hair

Protective Styles For Short Natural Hair – You Have Options!

I recently did my third (yes, third) big chop and right now I am loving the ease of not having to do a lot to make my hair look good. But every once in a while, I get tired of my wash-n-go and I feel the need to switch it up. Also, from time to…
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rice uncooked

Rice Water and Hair Growth – Real Benefits vs. The Hype

I am a YouTube addict, and a little while back, I came across a number of YouTube videos claiming that rice water is a hair growth miracle. They claim that rice water treatments will accelerate hair growth by a huge rate (some sources say that your hair can grow several inches in 30 days). I…
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Hello and Welcome to! I am a mother, wife, writer, and natural hair enthusiast. I am on my natural hair journey, and since the start of it, I have been trying countless products (product junkie in recovery here) and techniques to understand and embrace my hair. It’s been real! How the Journey Began Hair…
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