The LOC Method Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated : An Easy Guide

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The LOC method, coined by Rochelle Graham,  has been around for several years and is one of the most widely known techniques for moisture retention in the natural hair community. I used this method for several months when my hair was suffering from dryness due to color damage.

My hair’s porosity had become very high and I was losing moisture quickly after adding moisturizing products. Immediately after starting the LOC method, I found that I was able to retain more moisture for a longer span of time than ever before. I kid you not. I did the LOC method once per week and found that my hair was never thirsty. Not everyone has heard the good news about the LOC method. So, I wrote this article to tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is the LOC Method?Damaged colored hair

The LOC method is a technique aimed to give dry natural hair deep moisture. The acronym, LOC,  stands for liquid, oil, and cream. This technique involves choosing 3 products (a liquid, an oil, and a cream) and layering them strategically to help keep your hair moisturized.

Who is the LOC method for?

The LOC method is perfect for people who have damaged or high-porosity hair. If you are not sure if you have high-porosity hair, you can read about hair porosity in this article.

The LOC method is also great for people who have curls that are constantly dry. This is often the case for those with type 3 or 4 curls.

Easy LOC Method Steps

See the basic steps below for doing the LOC method:

  1. Wash and condition your hair as usual.
  2. Separate your hair into 2-4 sections and secure or braid them to keep them separated.
    1. This step is necessary to make it easier for you to apply products thoroughly.
  3. While your hair is still wet, apply a liquid (water-based leave-in conditioner).
  4. After the leave-in conditioner is applied, add your favorite oil.
  5. Finish it off with a moisturizing cream of your choice.
  6. Style your hair as you desire.

Leave-in, Oil, and Cream Product Recommendations


Choose a water-based leave-in that is packed with moisturizing ingredients. If you don’t choose a moisturizing leave-in (the foundation of the LOC method), you won’t have much moisture to seal in with the oil and the cream in the next two steps.

CURLS Blueberry Bliss Leave-in conditioner  and Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in conditioner both have moisturizing ingredients sure to provide nourishment to the hair.


Oil for loc method

The oil should be a sealant, meaning that it should be a type of oil that is able to seal in the moisture from the leave-in conditioner in the previous step. Some oils capable of sealing include coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil, just to name a few.


The cream that you use can be your favorite styling cream, curl enhancing cream, or moisturizing cream. My favorite cream to use for the LOC method is Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

Keep These 5 Tips in Mind as You Do the LOC Method

Tip #1: Don’t Overapply

One of the worst mistakes you can make when doing the LOC method is overapplying your products. If you do, you might find that your hair is limp and lifeless. You could also cause moisture overload, introducing an entirely new set of problems.

Tip #2: Use Enough of Each Product

If you don’t use enough of your liquid, oil, or cream product, you may not experience all of the moisture that the LOC method can provide.

For thick or super long hair, it could be necessary to use a considerable amount of product to cover it all. In addition, you may find that you need to separate your hair into more sections than others to make sure that you are adding enough of each product.

We all know as curly girls and guys that we need EVERY BIT of moisture that we can possibly get.

Tip #3: Apply Each Product Evenly

Even application of the liquid, oil, and cream products is essential for good results. If you always miss the hair in the back when applying your products, the hair at the back of your head will be thirsty for moisture. I’m sure you want your entire head of hair to be moisturized.

Tip #4: Always Start the LOC Method on Wet Hair

Water is the ultimate moisturizer! The LOC method will not be effective if there is not much moisture (from water) to seal in. If you washed your hair and it has started to dry, feel free to grab a spray bottle to spray your hair down. Either way, make sure your hair is wet prior to adding your LOC method products. Remember that your hair should also be clean.

Tip #5: Experiment With The Order of the Oil and the Cream if Necessary.

Doing the LOC method the original way (liquid, oil, cream) does not work for everyone. This is how the variations to the LOC method were born. Some people do the LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method and find that their hair holds onto the most moisture that way. I have even seen the LOCO (liquid, oil, cream, oil) method work for some.

The point of this tip is to encourage you to make the LOC method, or any of its variations, work for you. Get your experiment on.

Why is Moisturized Hair So Important?

As curly girls and guys, we often have trouble keeping our hair moisturized. This leads to dry, damaged, broken hair that seems to never grow.

Moisturized hair is extremely important because it is necessary for healthy hair and consequently length retention. Moisturized hair thrives and grows.

Try It Yourself

I encourage any curly girl or guy with a hair dryness issue to give the LOC method a try. As I mentioned at the start of this article, I used the LOC method to bring moisture back into my hair when it was at its worst. It worked for me. Try the LOC method and see if it gives you the moisture your hair craves.

I hope that you were able to find the information you needed.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please leave them below in the comments. You can also contact me via the Contact Us page.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Journey 🙂



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